Monday, January 13, 2014

The Problem With My Resume

As a one-time aspiring artist, I found myself living in two realms, if you will. In one realm, I had a 9 to 5 that I used to try to pay bills and scrounge the money for studio time. In the second realm, I was a performer trying to gain experience in my craft that would likely never mean very much in my first realm. In the first realm, I knew exactly what my resume needed to say so I could obtain the next, higher paying 9 to 5. However, the question of my resume for the second realm was always a fuzzy abstract. I always knew that a bio was expected and I took great pangs to make sure that I had one that best spoke to my personality and talents. I did not even contemplate a musical resume until just two short years ago.
One of the challenges that I faced immediately in the endeavor to create my music resume was the information that I needed to include. After all, I did not want it to be just a bio in an outline form. I had to ask myself what I sought to accomplish with my music resume. I found the task of creating my music resume extremely difficult, in part, because I had such broad focus. It was not until my Full Sail courses began that I really began to firm up my musical career goals. That had changed since I was last a performer on stage.
In trying to determine the best way to construct my music resume, I found an article that proved very useful. Heather McDonald lists four areas that one should examine to include on their resume; experience, reliability, list of music related accomplishments, and related education. Each area has distinct considerations that could make or break your music resume. However, I think that the most valuable thing about developing your music resume is developing your career focus and assessing your strengths and weaknesses. My journey through the music resume revealed the areas that I needed to gain more experience in to accomplish my professional goals. This is important because having a plan, even if it is only a vague outline, can aid tremendously in keeping you on track to your destination.
There are a great deal of resources on the Internet that can help you in writing your entertainment industry resume. For free assistance and advice one resource you can browse is Blue Sky Resumes. This website offers some great pointers that should also help you stay on point. Above all remember, your resume precedes you and will be pivotal in determining whether you get a foot in the door to shine a spotlight on your abilities. Don't squander your shot.

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