Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daily Assertions of Faith

Daily Assertions of Faith are enormously important thoughts said before you go to bed and first thing before you begin the chores of the day. For better results, they are to be uttered out loud with unwavering confidence no matter how many blows that life has given you!
You may ask yourself why they are so vital? Because these daily assertions are known to produce a dynamic energy into your mind by transforming thoughts of defeat into thoughts of faith. Deep within you are special abilities that have been suppressed stemming from your childhood. But now it is your time to awaken your spirit with a new feeling of power! A mental change is about to happen... take your time to fully understand, visualize and repeat each affirmation as times as you can. Please commit these verses to memory. If you forget easily, then write or buy small scripture cards to refer to any time of the day >>>>>
1."I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me". Philippians 4: 13 King James Version (KJV).
If you feel inadequate and disbelief in yourself, this positive assertion will transform your life. This verse is so powerful that depression and a discouraged spirit will flee for life. When this assertion is said with an attitude of faith, you will gain your self confidence back.
2. "If ye have faith... nothing is impossible unto you". Mathew 17: 20 (KJV).
Ah... now I call this a fire bullet! That drives fear and inferiority complex feelings away from your mind. First understand what faith is. Hebrews 11:1.- faith perceived as real fact what is not revealed to the senses. Remember that nothing is impossible with the Almighty God. If you doubt me, then lets prove God. You will definitely become an over-comer.
3."If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31 (KJV).
As you receive the blows of life, retaliate fast with this scripture blow. In life, you are bound to get disappointments from people and negative thoughts may crop up in your mind. You will not be defeated because God is for us. This positive scripture will make you more effective at what you love doing. Remember that whichever Goliath comes your way, God is bigger than him. Nothing and I repeat nothing can match the Glory of our Creator, so "who can be against us?". This scripture weapon will empower your soul.
4."... Behold the Kingdom of God is within you". Luke 16:21 (KJV).
Now this is a powerful weapon that surpasses any barrier if you believe in it. Contemplate on this verse. The Almighty God is with you all the time, every hour and second. This assertion if repeated frequently can unveil the greatness of God in you. Repeat it several times and meditate on it. Whether the Kingdom of God is in your midst; among or inside you, do not fret or lose hope because He is always with you and in you and nothing will defeat you.
5. "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee". Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)
Everyone loves perfect peace. The more you think about this verse, words like serenity, calmness, quietness comes to mind. It's only the Almighty will can give you this fruitage of the Holy Spirit amidst all sorts of trials and storms hitting your life. Nature was made for man and often cries out peace when we are not even aware of it. Get time and go to the shores of a lake, sea or ocean. What do you see or hear? the glistening blue waves caressing your feet or the sound of many waters hitting the shore, or you can listen to the wind? Don't you feel God's presence and peace showered upon your life in abundance? Repeater this assertion as often as you can and you will realize that you have inner strength that can minimize a huge problem into a minute issue a long as you trust in Him.

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