Monday, January 27, 2014

Significance of Tarot Card Reading

Do you know that your past, present and future depend a lot on the positions of the planets that govern your destiny? All the perturbed souls out there who have been fighting with the negative emotions should seek refuge in Astrology so that clarity of their thoughts can guide them through the rough weather. Tarot Card Reading is a conventional form of art in which everything about the most vital events of your life can be read with the help of cards.
What All Does a Tarot Comprise of?
Astrological symbols and tarot are interrelated. Normally, a deck of tarot has 78 cards. Out of these 78 cards, 22 cards tell about the major events of your life. These 22 cards are called Major Arcana. The remaining cards in the deck are split into 4 basic categories that are determined by the four basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The other significant cards represent key people in our lives and these are known as Pages, Kings, Queens and Knights.
Some of the Myths Regarding the Origin of Tarot:
There are many stories relating to the origin of Tarot. Some people are of the belief that they are a form of witchcraft and hence are against the usage of these cards. However, in reality, Tarot cards came to the fore after the prologue of conventional playing cards in Europe. There was a time when these tarots are used for playing games but later some Greek Mythological images were developed on these cards and it was the time when they were linked to Astrology. That these cards are of little use is another common myth. This is not so. With the help of these cards all the major events of your life right from your birth till your death can be read.
How to Get More Accurate Readings?
The World of Tarot deals with the past, present and future. The zodiac signs are equally influenced by the time factor. The kind of Zodiac sign that we have, determine our traits and personality. The alignment of cosmos determines our past, present and future. Tarot card reading is important and the images on the tarots are used for Divination. However, if you turn to the Astrology to gain more perspective, you would be benefitted. In short, for more accurate readings, proficient tarot card readers use Astrology within their readings. Clouded thoughts can land you in deep trouble and Astrology is a sure shot respite.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Is Your Legacy?

With the death of Nelson Mandela, it is not difficult to see the legacy that he leaves behind. Here was a leader who believed in the essential freedom of man from oppression and for these beliefs he was incarcerated in prison for over 27 years: yet upon his release he sought to take no revenge upon those who took away nearly a third of his life.
A Great Statesman
This was a great statesman who had the mental strength to not only survive his unparalleled ordeal but to gain eventual victory over those oppressors who sought unsuccessfully to silence him and the millions he represented.
He was a leader in the true sense of the word; he always remained humble; he stood up for justice; he taught us the power of forgiveness and he showed us that people can be supremely resilient in times of need.
We cannot all be the same as Mandela who was unique in his leadership but we can make a difference, each in our own way. We can find inner strength and fortitude when the going gets tough and we think we cannot go further. The legacy of Mandela is that all human life is valuable and that freedom is the right of all men and their families. Freedom of movement; freedom to learn; freedom to work and freedom to bring up our children. And that one must never relinquish one's goals: never give up. In South Africa, a persecuted majority overcame extraordinary obstacles and also institutionalized violence, over many years, by exploiting the power of international condemnation of a clearly inhuman and immoral regime that relegated a whole indigenous people to second class citizenship.
Mandela taught us the immense importance of reconciliation and forgiveness. There will always be differences of opinion, that is human nature. But it is when one opinion is forced upon another that society breaks down. Arguments will always occur, whether at home or at work because there will always be those people that we like and those who we don't. But in the end we all need to live together in a society.
What then will be your legacy that you will pass down to your children?
Leading the Way
I wonder where you think that you are on the leadership scale? You may be a manager, a director, a team leader or possibly self-employed. Whatever your position, if you want to lead and be seen to lead, then you must have the confidence and self-belief that others can recognize as that quality known as leadership: the ability to get others to willingly follow you. However, not everyone is born to lead. Not everyone wants to be a leader. Many of us are more comfortable being a follower and to let others determine the way ahead. That is the natural order of things.
The key point is to exploit your abilities to the maximum: to make the very best of everything that you possess.
At the end of the day, neither you nor I are a Mandela. But we all have that special something inside of us and fortunately we don't necessarily have to overcome extraordinary adversity in order to find it. For us, it is much easier. For us we can seek, search and find.
If you want to make a difference to others, then you need to identify and then overcome any obstacles. If you want to be a leader of excellence, you can achieve your aim. Everything is within your power but only you can make it happen. You need to be dedicated to your beliefs and passions.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daily Assertions of Faith

Daily Assertions of Faith are enormously important thoughts said before you go to bed and first thing before you begin the chores of the day. For better results, they are to be uttered out loud with unwavering confidence no matter how many blows that life has given you!
You may ask yourself why they are so vital? Because these daily assertions are known to produce a dynamic energy into your mind by transforming thoughts of defeat into thoughts of faith. Deep within you are special abilities that have been suppressed stemming from your childhood. But now it is your time to awaken your spirit with a new feeling of power! A mental change is about to happen... take your time to fully understand, visualize and repeat each affirmation as times as you can. Please commit these verses to memory. If you forget easily, then write or buy small scripture cards to refer to any time of the day >>>>>
1."I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me". Philippians 4: 13 King James Version (KJV).
If you feel inadequate and disbelief in yourself, this positive assertion will transform your life. This verse is so powerful that depression and a discouraged spirit will flee for life. When this assertion is said with an attitude of faith, you will gain your self confidence back.
2. "If ye have faith... nothing is impossible unto you". Mathew 17: 20 (KJV).
Ah... now I call this a fire bullet! That drives fear and inferiority complex feelings away from your mind. First understand what faith is. Hebrews 11:1.- faith perceived as real fact what is not revealed to the senses. Remember that nothing is impossible with the Almighty God. If you doubt me, then lets prove God. You will definitely become an over-comer.
3."If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31 (KJV).
As you receive the blows of life, retaliate fast with this scripture blow. In life, you are bound to get disappointments from people and negative thoughts may crop up in your mind. You will not be defeated because God is for us. This positive scripture will make you more effective at what you love doing. Remember that whichever Goliath comes your way, God is bigger than him. Nothing and I repeat nothing can match the Glory of our Creator, so "who can be against us?". This scripture weapon will empower your soul.
4."... Behold the Kingdom of God is within you". Luke 16:21 (KJV).
Now this is a powerful weapon that surpasses any barrier if you believe in it. Contemplate on this verse. The Almighty God is with you all the time, every hour and second. This assertion if repeated frequently can unveil the greatness of God in you. Repeat it several times and meditate on it. Whether the Kingdom of God is in your midst; among or inside you, do not fret or lose hope because He is always with you and in you and nothing will defeat you.
5. "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee". Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)
Everyone loves perfect peace. The more you think about this verse, words like serenity, calmness, quietness comes to mind. It's only the Almighty will can give you this fruitage of the Holy Spirit amidst all sorts of trials and storms hitting your life. Nature was made for man and often cries out peace when we are not even aware of it. Get time and go to the shores of a lake, sea or ocean. What do you see or hear? the glistening blue waves caressing your feet or the sound of many waters hitting the shore, or you can listen to the wind? Don't you feel God's presence and peace showered upon your life in abundance? Repeater this assertion as often as you can and you will realize that you have inner strength that can minimize a huge problem into a minute issue a long as you trust in Him.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Problem With My Resume

As a one-time aspiring artist, I found myself living in two realms, if you will. In one realm, I had a 9 to 5 that I used to try to pay bills and scrounge the money for studio time. In the second realm, I was a performer trying to gain experience in my craft that would likely never mean very much in my first realm. In the first realm, I knew exactly what my resume needed to say so I could obtain the next, higher paying 9 to 5. However, the question of my resume for the second realm was always a fuzzy abstract. I always knew that a bio was expected and I took great pangs to make sure that I had one that best spoke to my personality and talents. I did not even contemplate a musical resume until just two short years ago.
One of the challenges that I faced immediately in the endeavor to create my music resume was the information that I needed to include. After all, I did not want it to be just a bio in an outline form. I had to ask myself what I sought to accomplish with my music resume. I found the task of creating my music resume extremely difficult, in part, because I had such broad focus. It was not until my Full Sail courses began that I really began to firm up my musical career goals. That had changed since I was last a performer on stage.
In trying to determine the best way to construct my music resume, I found an article that proved very useful. Heather McDonald lists four areas that one should examine to include on their resume; experience, reliability, list of music related accomplishments, and related education. Each area has distinct considerations that could make or break your music resume. However, I think that the most valuable thing about developing your music resume is developing your career focus and assessing your strengths and weaknesses. My journey through the music resume revealed the areas that I needed to gain more experience in to accomplish my professional goals. This is important because having a plan, even if it is only a vague outline, can aid tremendously in keeping you on track to your destination.
There are a great deal of resources on the Internet that can help you in writing your entertainment industry resume. For free assistance and advice one resource you can browse is Blue Sky Resumes. This website offers some great pointers that should also help you stay on point. Above all remember, your resume precedes you and will be pivotal in determining whether you get a foot in the door to shine a spotlight on your abilities. Don't squander your shot.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Leather Applique Work - The Grace of Tripura

Tripura, one of the seven northeastern sister states of India, is known as the hub for cane and bamboo crafts. Its unique topography and the bounties of nature make cane, bamboo, and wood plentiful in the area. Because of the abundance, the skilled artisans turn these bamboo and cane into distinctive art forms, such as furniture, fashion accessories, decorations, utensils, etc. Made completely from hands, these elaborate crafts are stunning. One of the most popular picks from these is the bamboo or cane mesh with leather appliqué.
Bamboo mesh is handmade separately. It is sold by the meter in Tripura. Its price depends upon the fineness of splits, the width of the mat, and the color of the thread. Some of the finest quality bamboo meshes go into the creation of the leather appliqué wall or door hangings.
The beauty of leather appliqué on cane mesh reconfirms the faith in the immortality of art. Hindu deities and sceneries are the key themes. The faces of Lord Shiva, Durga, and Krishna are the special favorites of the artists. The bold colors and pattern ensure a contemporary design that looks at home in even a modern setting. The vibrant designs are painted in black, earthen, and brown oil paints are exquisite and when placed against the simple but powerful backdrop of the bamboo meshes, a rare piece of art is created!
Creation of each piece is a detailed process. Thin leather is cleaned and dried. It is then cut intricately and is pasted on the mesh with organic adhesive. Interestingly, the artists directly paint on the cutouts. No pencil sketch is done. First, the outlines are drawn mainly in brown color. Some artists may use black color as well. The natural wood color is used for the most part of the pieces. Sometimes, green and red colors may be filled in, but usually brown and wood color is the combination. Therefore, drawing is the key to this art form. A fluid movement of lines and curves gives out beautiful pictures.
A thin coat of varnish over the leather preserves its colors and quality for quite a long time. However, still, to keep the luster and sheen of the leather intact, it is better to frame or laminate these pieces. If you do not wish to do so, then just dust it regularly with a soft dry piece of cotton cloth. Never expose it to sunlight or moisture because sunlight will fade its colors and moisture will destroy the leather. Do not use commercial cleansers on it because they have harsh chemicals that can harm the appliqué.